Monday, October 29, 2012

Howard University and ConnectYard

Howard University



Board of Intercollegiate Studies - Howard University


Cameron Davis, President of General Student Union, HU


October 29, 2012


ConnectYard’s Effectiveness on Campus Communication Issues

In the past year, Howard University has implemented the online communication program, ConnectYard, into the university’s communication techniques in order to raise the effectiveness of their CP2 program. As a result students have had the opportunity and ease of receiving messages regarding homework assignments, meetings, and other social events. This has increased the overall performance of the students that were in the CP2 program and has benefitted the social life on campus by allowing the notification of up-coming fairs, parties, and gatherings that aren’t necessarily of the academic appeal. The communication channels that are used by the ConnectYard program are the big social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, etc. The way that it does this is the student sets up their ConnectYard account and identifies which social media site they would like to receive messages to. ConnectYard then frequently updates and sends the chosen account(s) reminders, messages, and updates on the events. This has opened an entirely new and efficient mode of communication between students and faculty, faculty and staff, and anyone who is a part of the HU community. This is the future of Howard ?university communication and it is well accepted and embraced.


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